I will send you a mail, three colors and a flower

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Dunno why, but a colleague and me have started a conversation with the two first parts of the sentence, and I need the urge to finish it with the flower one… It sounds pretty good, in my opinion… a good starting point for a song? Who knows, I don’t.


Where do the good fishes go when dead? Because if they go to Heaven, what a fuck…

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Yesterday I buried my fourth fish… a coral (red) platy smaller than an inch. Never harmed nobody, as far as I know, and it seemed a good guy (being a fish). I though how to explain my daughter where do the fishes go when die… and Heaven seemed not a good idea, because obvious reasons…

(The Spanish/Catalan words for Heaven are “cielo”/”cel”, both being used for “sky” too. The obvious is that a fish in the sky would have a very bad time.)

Live each day as if it will be the last one. Someday you will be right

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Do I need to say something else? “Carpe Diem” at its maximum expression, in a chinese proverb.

Life can be a shit… but flies enjoy it

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… and if a fly can enjoy it, I don’t know why we can’t.

Quantum physics is a race between the Humankin and God

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The first one tries to reach the last elemental particle, while the Second tries to imagine a new one before the first reach the last one. If I must bet, I think I prefer God will win, because I’ll find weird seeing published images of a naked “last particle” in front of those accelerators.

And if God lacks names, He must not worry, He only needs to imagine the new particle, because scientifics will find a name for it. They are made to do that: finding names for unknown particles and maintain the glasses’ trim industry.

And why not, a sample of quantum nerdess:

It never rains (acid) to everybody’s pleasure. Except in Venus.

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I was writing the Spanish aphorism (“Nunca llueve al gusto de todos”, something like “It never rains to everybody’s pleasure”), when I decided to add an acid touch. Then came to my mind the thought about what would think a venusian, because some of Venus’ clouds are made with sulphuric acid (I believe).

There is an article in the wikipedia about it.

If live gives you bullets… make a ballad

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It loses sense in English, but “bullet” in Spanish is “bala”, and “ballad”, “balada”.

Better a ballad than to use them, right?